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Welcome to where we sow seeds for thought on your shopping habits and showcase suppliers selling great things from great places.

We’re not eco warriors and we’re not ladies who lunch.  We like to know the things we buy and consume are from a nice warm fuzzy place so we’re here to make life easier by researching, showcasing and looking at the latest trends & news in ethical shopping just for you.

Mircobeads - Not On Your Conscience

First up Microbeads and what’s all the commotion about? Well it seems those tiny little beads in our scrubs; toiletries, cleaning products and toothpaste are bad news for our oceans and are contributing to the problem of the plastic soup swilling about in our seas. The little blighters are so little they are not caught by the standard filtration systems used at sewage treatment plants and therefore end up not only in our oceans but in the food chain– a disturbing, stomach churning thought – Moules a la microbeads anyone? Or god forbid in our kid’s fish fingers.

Mircobeads - Not On Your Conscience

But how do we know which products contain microbeads and if we may have any of these miniscule eco offenders in our bathroom?? have developed an app that will scan your bar codes and tell you if a product is RED (contains microbeads), AMBER (still contains microbeads but the manufacturer is phasing out microbeads and the product will not contain microbeads in the near future) or Green (no microbeads). Type the above website address into your Smartphone and follow the instructions to download the app. If you are not an app person the website has lists of the red, amber and green products they have tested so far and lots of other interesting information of how and when various companies and countries are going about phasing out microbeads. In the UK , Wales intend to ban products containing microbeads this year (date to be confirmed at time of writing) with England following suit in 2018.
Not On Your Conscience - Beat the Bead

A quick reminder if you do find any of these nasties in your bathrooms – chuck them in the bin – DON’T POUR THEM DOWN THE SINK!!!

A few favourites to mention this week who most definitely do NOT use microbeads thank you very much. – gorgeous gifts and amazing fragrances – perfect for your Londonite friends – see their Lavender Hill, Brick Lane & Limehouse ranges.

Also a great and original gift option for smellies is where you can hand pick the items for your gift box and personalize said box with a heartfelt “put your feet up” type message – a great idea for Christmas gifts and much prettier than the offerings on the high street (which may well contain nasty microbeads).

Also available in many major retailers – The Little Soap Company – the first producer of organic soap bars to hit the supermarket shelves. Their founder Emma wants to do for cosmetics what Jamie Oliver did for food, getting back to basics and reducing the amount of chemicals and synthetics people unwittingly rub into their skin. Not only that, she also wants to teach you how to make the products at her little soap school – take a look at a great idea for a girlie weekend or a voucher as a xmas present.

Please do mention when purchasing from our showcased suppliers and help us spread the word. Right we’re off to scan the products in our bathrooms using our new beat the microbead app – happy shopping.

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