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Active Wear – Everywhere!

You can’t help but notice the level of lycra on the streets today – yes active wear is everywhere – not just the gyms but the shopping centre, coffee shop, school run, the list is endless (see the video at the end of the post).  Lets not forget the MAMILs too – middle aged men in lycra sometimes so tight you can tell their religion  – oh my eyes!  However lycra and synthetic clothing whilst being our wobbly bit disguising friend have their own issues we need to address.

Active wear choices at Not on your conscience

New studies show that alarming amounts of tiny fibres from synthetic material are making their way from your washing machine into acquatic environments – more details in this article

We don’t want to wear materials that pollute the environment or that have been made by workers who are unfairly treated.

We read with concern the reports of how the factory workers of the giants of the activewear world are treated


Here at NOYC we’ve been looking at smaller suppliers who recognize these issues and have developed or use innovative and more environmentally friendly materials.

Top of our list are BAM who use bamboo fibres in their sportwear range.  This is a material that is 100% biodegradable and its cultivation is kind to the environment.  Having tried and tested a few of their products (including underwear!) we can confirm the fabric is super soft.  They claim bamboo is to cotton what cashmere  is to wool –a more soft and luxurious feel and we agree.

Another angle is the use of recycled materials to create garments.  This year O’Neill launched the first O’Neill Blue Spring & Summer collection consisting of boardshorts, walkshorts and T shirts using high performance eco threads by Bionic which contain recycled beach plastic.  This collection alone is estimated to have removed 200,000 bottles from beaches and shorelines worldwide.

O'Neill recommended by Not On Your Conscience

We also love  the very zen Star Seeds .  They combine comfort and unique design in their active wear using the finest, natural, organic and innovative fabrics out there.  So every single Star Seeds piece is as kind to the planet and the people who farm, make and wear it as can be.

We couldn’t end this blog without mentioning Howies –  Based in Wales Howies are an active clothing company who believe in making higher quality, lower impact products for our sporting and day to day lives.  Whether you’re a cyclist, a runner or a lounger they have a huge range to suit your needs.

And finally – if a life without lycra horrifies you – fear not.  This rather fabulous little thing called a Guppyfriend arrived in our offices today.  Simply place your synthetic clothing in this clever little bag before popping it in the washing machine and it reduces the amount of released microfibers entering rivers and oceans.  We love it – guilt free laundry! We purchased ours from

As always please do mention when purchasing from our showcased suppliers and help us spread the word.

Happy Shopping everyone (in your active wear of course).

Oh and this might amuse you …..

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